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It’s been a decade of adventures the newest being their little addition Lucille!! Getting married in the midst of it all seemed appropriate for this time in Alice & Matt’s life. Described as two of the most faithful, selfless people, it was endearing to see these two commit to each other! Their nuptials were equally […]

They met in the time of Covid. An online swipe that turned into a long term love. Angela and John had their first date at Johns house…as she ventured (aka snooped) around his home she was impressed by how he lived…thinking…’hmmm I could deal with this’. Little did she realize they would have such a […]

Dating for over 7 years, these two have weathered a lot. Through all the years of education, residency, moving and new careers…these two have embraced it all!! NOW, was the perfect time to decide to take that next step of saying ‘I DO’ and make it official. Each of them having won over the others […]

She saw him at work. She knew she had to meet him…so she told a coworker about her crush and well…Joe was definitely interested. Soon they were an item and with Erica’s vibrant nature and Joe’s consistency…they have a deep love and contageous energy! We changed their engagement session 3 different times due to the […]

Wanting to meet the one, both Chloe & Brandon were on their separate journeys! Finally their paths crossed and they met! Both having their own dynamic energy you would think it wouldn’t be a match HOWEVER these two are the PERFECT match. Their energy levels are understood, appreciated and tempered with the other! They compliment […]