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It called for thunderstorms all day…and although we heard of them happening and the rain making its appearance in the surrounding area…we managed to dodge it till immediately after the sparkler exit.   I love it when mother nature shines down on us, then rains on our parade at the perfect time! Sarah and Quinton pledged […]

It was absolutely breath taking…fairytale like. Seeing Andreas face as they were putting the final touches on eveything was awesome…she was in absolute awe of what Elite Events and Sal Floral Design had come up with! With Chateau Lill as the backdrop and florals dripping from almost every square inch of the chateau…Andrea and Mark […]

They have been through a lot.  Meeting in high school, finishing college, living apart…there goes 12 years and now…finally…they have become Mr. and Mrs. Winkler.  With the best hashtag ever #tohaveandtoholdmywinkler. One thing Mac & Tony definitely know how to do is HAVE FUN…and that is what their wedding was.  They carved out enough time […]

Their love journey started 14 years ago on August 20th…and it’s certainly been a journey thus far. It’s definitely not about the journey or the destination but about the detours that make their love unique along the way. With 3 kids, different jobs, a few houses and a lot of memories already under their belt, […]

Impromptu…that’s these two!  Planning a family week in Chelan, Chelsea and Luke decided it would be the perfect time to elope.  Soooo surprise….they sprung it on their family and planned a wedding in a few weeks!  With Carter turning 4 and baby Conor being born just a few months prior…it seemed perfect!! When Chelsea called […]