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I love when a couple is true to who they are!! That is Morgan and Connor!! Having been together 5 years and moving to Alaska and back they have definitely had a journey together and know who they are!! Connor and his camouflage vest and rubber boot look, and Morgan with her sparkly sequins and […]

They knew by their second date that this wasn’t just another ‘potential’ relationship. Both Larisa and Chris had the thought ‘wow this could really be something, this feels different’. More and more I am a believer in ‘When you know you know’. 2 years later they decided to say YES to forever. They got ready […]

She noticed him in her building. She ran into him in her building (sometimes on accidentally on purpose). She became friends with him in her building. He wanted to stay friends. Long story short…after a series of life happenings and serendipitous moments…they fell in love in her building…which is now their building. These two have […]

Seeing someone find their new found happiness is part of why I love what I do. Watching Kristie on her journey of love and seeing her and Stuart find each other at work 8 years ago is a testament to second chances. Stuart embracing Kristies’ girls as his own and creating their own family and […]

They have been busy enjoying life…but now the time seemed perfect for Andrea & Adam to make it official. Adam, a very patient man combined with Andrea’s zeset for life makes for a wonderful match. They got married at Hotel Indigo in Everett. They love the water and often walk by the waterfront and feed […]