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They met in high school and their introduction was to do a ‘Lady and the tramp’ ice breaker with a red vine…not awkward at all for first day of Freshman year. Fast forward into their adult years and they met up for coffee and a sip from a bottle of Bourbon (which they brought to […]

They met 18 years ago at a Superbowl party! Neil never forgot Sarah. Life happened in between but they have spent the good part of the last decade together and decided to tie the knot officially on Superbowl weekend! These two are fun loving, adventurous and have the best energy! I love that they did […]

She was done with online dating…but Laura decided to entertain one last match! He was from Australia so she knew it would be nothing but hey why not a fun date! Was Phil fun? Sure but to Laura he was so much more. He was smart and intriguing and had substance and seemed to be […]

She would notice him at work and try to get his attention, but Tim being the hard worker that he is would just stay focused, nod and walk by. For months she worked on getting him to notice her gaze when finally a co-worker stepped in and made it super obvious. Tim…finally bit and Juliana […]

We decided to continue their engagement session when the snow wasn’t dumping soooo that’s what we did. We took in the sites of Tacoma and embraced the PNW winter. Ilaria & Trenton have something special. They laugh and love so easily and compliment each other beautifully!