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They changed their wedding date and venue 3x. Let me just say this couple is beyond flexible and finally decided it was best to just move forward and start their life as Mr. & Mrs. with their closest friends and family. Deciding to have a full reception and party in October it made this April […]

Having postponed their wedding a year, Kathleen & Randhy were excited to finally move forward and have a small wedding to celebrate their love. It was wonderful to be able to have a somewhat normal event with both of their families there and their little guy, Damian who is turning 3 this year. It was […]

A rainy PNW Wednesday didn’t stop these two. With Erics family in Hong Kong and Lillians family making the trek from Utah, these two picked a date that was super unique to them and even more intimate with the treehouses at Treehouse Point and mother natures dripping raindrops blessing their unity. As Erics parents watched […]

Meeting on tinder and enthralled with the ability to use spreadsheets as a way to make decisions and decipher the best options for wants and needs for their future…these two aligned from date one. Their love is easy and effortless and they couldn’t be happier to walk around UW on a brisk February morning and […]

It was supposed to be a big celebration but like most weddings in 2020, this January 2021 wedding was adjusted as well. Rather than giving up their date and use of venue Erica & Josh decided to have immediate family perform and witness their nuptials. Erica walked across the street when she arrived to meet […]