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Who knew Lake Forest Park would become so special to these two couples. From moving there to meeting there to finding their favorite local spot there, The Local 104. Morgan & Peter have known for sometime they wanted to tie the knot but as a lot of us know, planning a wedding is time consuming […]

They met years ago. She is best friends with his sister. As life unfolded they have led separate lives but magically life has brought them together in a new way. An appreciation and acceptance of each other. A love so deep that despite the feelings of damage and unworthiness, love has covered it all. All […]

Long-distance relationships come with their own set of challenges, but they can also be a journey of profound connection and shared growth. Brooklyn and Gabe venture into this everyday with the mindset of making the best of it and making it work. Communication is key! In a world often filled with challenges, the importance of […]

Waiting what feels like a lifetime…was absolutely worth it for these two! Angela & John are absolutely wonderful together! They laugh and have such a zeal for life! Having a smaller wedding on a perfect fall day was exactly what Angela wanted! They are both so easy going making each other smile all along the […]

Love is a captivating force that can unfold in the most unexpected ways. Meeting online, it didn’t take long to know they wanted to build a future together. Summer & Ruth laugh together and are excited to move forward to the next stage. Their love, though fast, is grounded in authenticity, acceptance, and mutual respect. […]