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Having gone to the same state college these two probably passed each other hundreds of times…but never met. They both had to move to Seattle to end up meeting. Getting involved in the same social group and then working together their work relationship soon (well finally) turned to an emotional and personal one. Everyone seemed […]

They have a special kind of love. Gentle and absolutely the most considerate of one another. Bekah & Jeff were so easy going on their wedding day, letting things happen as they did, including embracing whatever the weather did. We were able to intermittently do some of their photos outdoors with the rest being in […]

Their first date was at Anthonys homeport 11 years ago. Not only did they find out they have a love for seafood, boating and the water, but for each other as well. They fell in love and although Cory is not a huge traveler, Tammi convinced him to go to Paris in 2014. It was […]

They were a match from the start….or so Match.com said! And…it was 100% true. Erin finally found someone she could be authentically herself with and Frank, while quiet, brought a love and an energy that showed Erin and her kids this true acceptance. With one of their first ‘family’ times being around the table playing […]

She not only fell in love with him but with this venue (featured in Martha Stewart Weddings). Jacob couldn’t resist making Taylors dreams come true and saying their forever vows at Greencrest Manor! With Jacob being from the Michigan area it worked to have their Seattle love unite at a home away from home. It […]