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Rayna and Nate are so full of life. We literally laughed most of their session! They climbed on rocked and into trees and embraced the full sun in this beautiful part of nature. They laugh so easily together and make the best jokes to one another (not about one another)…and the way Rayna smiles around […]

Meeting in high school and building a life together since then has been a journey these two have been on for 10 years. Now it seems fitting that its time to take the next step of marriage. These two love hard and laugh easily. They were in Ellensburg for the rodeo so we took the […]

They met in the time of Covid. An online swipe that turned into a long term love. Angela and John had their first date at Johns house…as she ventured (aka snooped) around his home she was impressed by how he lived…thinking…’hmmm I could deal with this’. Little did she realize they would have such a […]

She saw him at work. She knew she had to meet him…so she told a coworker about her crush and well…Joe was definitely interested. Soon they were an item and with Erica’s vibrant nature and Joe’s consistency…they have a deep love and contageous energy! We changed their engagement session 3 different times due to the […]

They have been together for 7 years… and having been engaged since 2021, Kelley and Steve are so ready to make it official! They are having a beautiful wedding at Pine Creek Nursery in July and couldn’t be more excited! We dodged all the bugs and enjoyed a beautiful PNW sunset!